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CES Invaded by Babies and New Parents

CES is known as ‘Consumer Electronics Show’. It is an internationally renowned electronics and technology trade show, aiming to attract major companies and professionals worldwide each year.

The event showcases the latest gadgets for baby care. CES’s main target audience is new parents because the parents who have had a child before usually know from the first time what they need to buy and are more reluctant to opt for new technology. Whether these gadgets actually make baby care easier is always open for debate, maybe it is worth discussing at your baby shower.

See some of the latest gadgets that the show had to offer:

GLGL: The bottle that tracks your baby’s milk

GLGL Is newest thing on the market for enabling you to track your baby’s feedings. It’s a Bluetooth-connected bottle holder that weighs the amount of fluid before and after a feeding, and then records the data in its app along with the duration and time of the feeding. This is great for single parents and busy households. When there is more than one person feeding the baby in the day it can get a bit confusing on when the last feed was etc... One of the main reasons babies cry as well is because their hungry. Therefore, if you do track your feedings accurately you can then tell if the baby is or isn’t due for another feed. If they aren’t you know that something else is wrong. This is actually an amazing gadget saving potentially a lot more time for parents. However if you are breastfeeding, this won’t be super-helpful but the concept of the product is brilliant.

Mimo Baby Monitor Device & App:

Mimo Baby Monitor is an all in one onesie for babies which have a tracking device which is linked to your Smartphone. Made in the USA, the Mimo is machine washable and easy to set up - giving you peace of mind, just when you really need it. This new product is aimed at new parents specifically so they can be given more peace at mind wherever they are.

The features enabled are amazing and some parents would be crying for this in their lives. The app is available on iOS and Android, the Mimo app gives you insight about your baby's sleep activity, respiration, body position, and skin temperature, keeping you notified of changes in your baby's breathing and activity, including when they wake up or roll over.

Voxx/Intel Car Seat Smart Clip: Warns parents if they’ve left an infant in the car – do you think this should be launched?

This is not yet on the market but it’s something that is in great demand. It’s a sad reality that children get left in cars by accident and suffocate from heat and other reasons. Therefore when this app is launched, it’s parted with the parent’s phone and if they leave the car without unclipping their child out the car – a loud alarm beeps. I guarantee the parent wouldn’t get very far until they realised they’ve forgotten their child. If that’s not clocked on yet, the alarm will surely remind them! Either way if they still don’t acknowledge it – at least the alarm has alerted the public eye to find the parent. One thing that hasn’t been stated is if the alarm will come from the phone or the car. They have to take into consideration most people have their phones on silent because all the vibrations, pings and other noises can get annoying. So if the alarm is linked to the phone, how will it work if the phone’s on silent?

Any of these gadgets caught your eye? Or are you thinking of sticking to the more traditional ways of baby care? Thought about having a Baby Shower? Baby Showers can be a great way to share baby care ideas, show off new gadgets, get advice from the older generation, play baby shower games and have lots on fun in the process.

This article was written input from the baby experts at Babies Babies. For more information about baby shower ideas, baby shower games and other baby shower products simply visit: